2020-12-1 – Imposter!?

To get this joke, you have to be familiar with a game called “Among Us”. It is a really popular game right now where you are a crew member on a space ship and you must complete tasks. Each game, two people are selected as “Imposters” and their task is to successfully kill the crew members without being discovered as an imposter.



It’s 2019! 19 is Otis’ favorite number 🙂 Jellybean and Otis have been playing a ton of Super Mario Odyssey lately. They were gifted a Switch, Controller and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe through the Reddit Secret Santa program. We have already thanked them but to the wonderful people who did that, THANKS A MILLION! We were totally shocked.

Otis sometimes has some struggles when the game gets challenging. He is working on being better at that 🙂


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