2022-3-20 – Christmas Tree?


2022 – January 2

Whelp. It is a new year and time to get back to the grind with Pizza Face. As you all may have noticed, Otis and JB adopted a new dog. We introduced Sammich to the Pizza Face world back in October. He will be featured prominently moving forward, as you can guess. Unfortunately, there were more than one hiatus over the past few months for varying reasons. We are hopeful that they will no longer happen. Enjoy!

Pizza Face is Back!

Hey everybody! It is 2020 and Pizza Face is officially back from our holiday break. We always visit family in the midwest and then head to the northeast and it is nice to step away from time to time. With the start of a new year, I’m looking to be a bit more active when posting new Pizza Face cartoons. We appreciate those of you who check out our comics. If you wouldn’t mind sharing the link with your people, that would help us tremendously. Anyhoo, now it is time for some cartoons!

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