2020-8-30 – Haircut


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2019-6-16 – Shave Time!

Now that the St. Louis Blues have won the Stanley Cup, Otis decided it was time to shave his beard. He originally wanted to shave completely but decided to just trim very short. It ended up so short, he might as well have just gone with a clean shave. Needless to say, Jellybean has a very specific beard preference. Not too short and not too long. Now Otis is unfamiliar. Uh Oh 😦


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2019.1.8 – The Mysterious Case of Android Otis!?

Jellybean is turning in her stethoscope for a magnifying glass. Private Eye Jellybean is on the case… if indeed there is a case. Or maybe Otis is turning into a Chia pet. Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Chia Otis. Available at all local Kmart and CVS stores. These 1990’s product references doing anything for you?


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