2022 – February 13


2020-1-21 – Migraines :(

Chris (and therefore Otis) suffer from migraines. They can strike at anytime and can be mildly annoying or completely debilitating. Needless to say, they are no fun. Luckily, January has been a pretty good month. The migraine journal only has 4 entries now. If that keeps up for the month then it will be a good month. Only 1 per week isn’t bad!

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2019-6-6 – Chris is being lazy.

Hey Hey! Welcome back. It has been a few weeks since we posted a new comic. No excuses really. Chris is a huge Blues fan and has been really into this playoff run. He has decided to get back to work. Although he has been working like crazy on caricatures. If you would like to purchase a custom piece of art, head over to the Timid Lion etsy store! Here is the latest comic:


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