2020-1-21 – Migraines :(

Chris (and therefore Otis) suffer from migraines. They can strike at anytime and can be mildly annoying or completely debilitating. Needless to say, they are no fun. Luckily, January has been a pretty good month. The migraine journal only has 4 entries now. If that keeps up for the month then it will be a good month. Only 1 per week isn’t bad!

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2020-1-19 – Hockey!

Otis’ St. louis Blues are having a great season so far. Hopefully they can keep it going. The NHL is taking a short break now for the All Star Game festivites, which just happen to be in St. Louis 😀 Otis is even running in the All-Star 5k! In today’s Pizza Face, Otis realizes there is some awesome benefits to living in a cartoon world!

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Pizza Face is Back!

Hey everybody! It is 2020 and Pizza Face is officially back from our holiday break. We always visit family in the midwest and then head to the northeast and it is nice to step away from time to time. With the start of a new year, I’m looking to be a bit more active when posting new Pizza Face cartoons. We appreciate those of you who check out our comics. If you wouldn’t mind sharing the link with your people, that would help us tremendously. Anyhoo, now it is time for some cartoons!

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