2019-3-31 – What’s For Dinner?

Welp, JB was captured by a hawk. It looks like she is doing ok for now. Hopefully Otis comes to save her.


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2019-3-28 – Ha Ha Tonka State Park!

After staying at the awesome Big Country Bed and Breakfast, Otis and JB decided to checkout Ha Ha Tonka State Park. There are ruins of a castle that was constructed in the early 20th-century on the park grounds. Unfortunately, the castle caught fire multiple times throughout its history and only a skeleton of the structure remains.

There are also a ton of hawks nested on the bluffs near the castle ruins… as Otis and JB found out 🙂


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2019-4-17 – Poor Arfie!

Happy Sunday! On the last Pizza Face Comic, JB and Otis finally got a dog. Then he ran off with Mr. Bear. That’s probably not good. What’s next?

By the way, we love dogs. We would really love to adopt a puppy. A few months ago, the condo association considered allowing us to have a dog but ultimately decided against it. Thus, we created this storyline for Pizza Face. We really enjoy living here, other than the pupper situation.


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