2019.1.8 – The Mysterious Case of Android Otis!?

Jellybean is turning in her stethoscope for a magnifying glass. Private Eye Jellybean is on the case… if indeed there is a case. Or maybe Otis is turning into a Chia pet. Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Chia Otis. Available at all local Kmart and CVS stores. These 1990’s product references doing anything for you?


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It’s 2019! 19 is Otis’ favorite number 🙂 Jellybean and Otis have been playing a ton of Super Mario Odyssey lately. They were gifted a Switch, Controller and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe through the Reddit Secret Santa program. We have already thanked them but to the wonderful people who did that, THANKS A MILLION! We were totally shocked.

Otis sometimes has some struggles when the game gets challenging. He is working on being better at that 🙂


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