2019-1-31 – Pizza. It can fix everything.

JB and Otis have developed some bad habits lately. Lots of sleep. No exercise. Unhealthy eating. Hopefully they can fix it soon.


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2019-1-19 – She ain’t Heavy, She’s my Jellybean!

Recently, JB has been working an erratic schedule. Evenings. Then overnights. Then early mornings. Then Overnights. Needless to say, it is very difficult to develop any type of routine this way. The most difficult has been figuring out sleep, both when and for how long. Sometimes, 8 hours is a luxury and still not quite enough. Otis tends to pick up whatever schedule Jellybean is working. Adulting is hard.


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2019-1-27 – JB and Otis are healthy again!

Hey all! Sorry we’ve been missing in action recently. JB came down with a case of the Jellybean Flu. As is usually the case, she passed it on to Otis. So they have spent the past few weeks trying to feel better. It seems like they are back in the swing of things now though!

As we mentioned last week, Pizza Face will have a new post schedule of: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. This way we can focus on the quality of each comic instead of rushing to get something out.